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Jet Stream
Summer days can be hot, and the coolest way to get around town is on a flume! Jet Stream is a modern water coaster that glides on a river instead of a track. Get ready to hydro-zoom on a classic Southern California water rush. Jump into one of the brightly-colored boats for your cruise down a wondrous, winding water course in this classic, family-friendly flume ride. There you are gliding along the river… all is peaceful and scenic, until suddenly you are whisked over the edge of an unpredictable waterfall, plunging down a splashy drop! Ahh, you survived that one, but don’t get too comfortable on the smooth coast down the river, with the wind and water racing past. Once you make it to the end, a six story nosedive is waiting for you! Swoop down like a jet over the falls and land with a big splash and a wet conclusion.
Location:Six Flags Magic Mountain
Attraction Type:Water Ride
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV
Additional Info:Must be at least 42" tall to ride alone
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