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Full Throttle
Here it is, the latest in a long history of world records set at Six Flags Magic Mountain: Full Throttle. The number one tallest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world. You are riding the best of the best and it can’t be topped. You’ll be looping 160 feet in the sky—a feat no one else in the world has done until now. No one else has even dared to try it. And, it’s just not enough to do a loop of this magnitude once, so you’re taking it on twice. Full Throttle has not just one but three separate launches. That means from a complete stop you’ll crank up to 70 miles hour like it was nothing. The second time you launch at this rapid speed, only it’ll be backwards. That’s right, you’ll come to a slamming stop inside a sci-fi tunnel, only to be bolted back out, in reverse! Looping just as high, just as fast, only backwards. Halfway up the dive loop, the train changes its mind – let’s go forward—and you switch directions mid-loop. Back into the tunnel you go, shooting toward the next act, when you’ll hit that mega-loop again as a “top hat” – riding on the outside of the world-record track—something that has never been done before. Sailing on top of the world, you’ll experience incredible hangtime, not to mention the view of the century, before Full Throttle brings your world-record-holding body back down to earth.
Location:Six Flags Magic Mountain
Attraction Type:Thrill Ride
Minimum Height:54 inches
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV
Learn more about Full Throttle at the official Six Flags Magic Mountain site!
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