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Shore Break
Shore Break will take single riders on an adrenaline-filled water adventure as thrill-seekers put their limit to the test by boarding one of four modernistic Aqua Launch chambers to await the chamber’s floor swiftly moving from beneath their feet sending them on a high-speed free-fall down a seven stories high 60-foot tall drop and through a series of exhilarating drops and daring loops. Additionally, Shore Break offers two dueling tube slides which will have riders zipping through adventurous drops and turns as they soak up the warm summer sun.
Location:Knott's Berry Farm - Knott's Soak City
Attraction Type:Water Ride
Minimum Height:48 inches
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Weight:300 lbs
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Learn more about Shore Break at the official Knott's Berry Farm site!
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