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In ancient Greek mythology, Zephyrus was the west wind, delivering delicate breezes to signal the beginning of spring. Our classic Zephyr ride delivers the same mellow - yet incredibly exhilarating - experience, as you and your friends and family glide through the air in swings suspended 30 feet above the ground. Under a high canopy of intricate, elaborate murals resembling those on a carousel of ages past, you'll rotate 360 degrees in a circular, wavelike motion. Arcing upwards and accelerating downwards, you'll certainly feel each and every element of this time-honored amusement park experience all the way down to your free-floating toes. Enjoy breathtaking views of the park and wave to those below, but make sure to still hold on tight, because you'll be zipping right along! At night, you'll enjoy an entirely new experience when the ride's tower and canopy are illuminated with thousands of shimmering lights. You'll be swinging on a star!
Location:Kings Island - Kings Island Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Thrill Ride
Minimum Height:48 inches
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
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