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Drop Tower
What goes up must come down – and down, and down, and down at incredibly dizzying speeds on the Drop Tower, among our guests’ favorite rides. Your Drop Tower experience begins by strapping into an open car, feet dangling, and spending the next 45 tension-filled seconds ascending 315 feet into thin air to the peak. On a clear day, you can see 18 miles out into the [area] region, but trust us, you won’t enjoy that view for very long. Before another thought can enter your brain, the ride releases and you drop -- you plunge -- you are completely emptied into a free fall of 26 stories, reaching frenetic speeds of up to 67 miles per hour before the brakes kick in and – did that really happen? – you’re at the bottom and back to normal. But, know this: after riding the Drop Tower, you’re never truly normal again.
Location:Kings Island - Kings Island Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Thrill Ride
Minimum Height:48 inches
Maximum Height:80 inches
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Learn more about Drop Tower at the official Kings Island site!
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