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Runaway Rapids
Are you an adventurer looking for a thrill to float in, but a lazy river never seems to cut it? We’ve got you covered, soaked, and splashed on this action river. With every turn comes a new way for riders to learn what an action river means - but first you need to get in. Next to Schooner’s Bayside Bar, riders grab an inner tube and head to the fast currents that pull them through the fun-filled float. Brave Runaway Rapids solo or bring friends and family to link up on the journey. Fountains, waterfalls and geysers pop up on every turn to drench those passing by. Will you make it a challenge to avoid all of the splashing or will you intentionally get hit to cool off from the summer heat? You can always play it by chance and let the river take you wherever it pleases. So lean back, relax, and enjoy the ride!
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Shores Water Park
Attraction Type:Water Ride
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Additional Info:Children less than 48 inches tall must wear a life jacket. Children less than 42 inches tall must also be accompanied by a Supervising Companion. At this attraction, a Supervising Companion may accompany up to two children.
Learn more about Runaway Rapids at the official Cedar Point site!
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