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Lily Pad Walk
If the obstacles of Great Lakes cove aren’t challenging enough for you, head just across the pool to Lily Pad Walk. The journey across these unassuming lily pads will require the balance of a flamingo and the jump of a frog. Can you muscle through the longer path or are you quick footed to go through the sharp turn on the short path? No matter what path you decide to venture down, there are three strategies you can take to make it to the finish line. Many start out standing up, using the ropes over head to keep balanced while they walk across. Kids not tall enough to reach the rope can start out in true hopping form, bouncing from one circle to the next. Some choose to lay on their stomachs using their arms to slide them from one lily pad to another. What game plan is going to get you to the other side?
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Shores Water Park
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Additional Info:Guests less than 54 inches tall must wear a life jacket. Children less than 42 inches tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion. At this attraction, a supervising companion may accompany up to two children.
Learn more about Lily Pad Walk at the official Cedar Point site!
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