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Lemmy's Lagoon
While walking around Cedar Point Shores you may come across Lemmy’s Lagoon, across from Crystal Rock Café. Centered by Lake Erie’s legendary monster, the long snake-like body peaking in and out of the water makes it hard to miss! Lemmy’s bright green head isn’t there to scare little ones away, but to provide splashtastic thrills. What better way to conquer your fear of monsters that sliding right through it? You may even find some Lake Erie fish swimming around Lemmy’s Lagoon. Don’t worry, they’re just fountains! Larger than life sandcastles and buckets put an exciting twist on what is normally found on a beach, but you won’t find any sand on the splash pad. Full of enough activities to keep kids busy for hours, everyone else can grab a lounge chair to sit back and watch all the fun from under the expanded shaded area. Waterfalls, fountains and geysers make for a splish splashin’ good time.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Shores Water Park
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Additional Info:Must be under 54” to participate. Guests over 54 inches tall must be accompanied by a child in order to participate.
Learn more about Lemmy's Lagoon at the official Cedar Point site!
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