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Waterin' Hole
Every parent knows that exciting look their child gives them when they tell their child they are going to the park. They run to the playground as soon as they get there. Why would a water park be any different? Take the playground structure and add geysers, water curtains and spray jets and you have Waterin’ Hole - a wet and wild play area just for little ones. As soon as kids walk over the bridge, they start smiling ear-to-ear seeing the multi-story interactive playground just ahead. Just like the playgrounds in local parks, this one has slides, a tire swing and gadgets that will keep the family entertained for hours. While they soak up the sun and water in the shallow pool, parents and the rest of the family can grab a chair and relax under an umbrella, or take an inner tube into Cedar Creek to cool off and float around Waterin’ Hole.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Amusement Park
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:52 inches
Additional Info:Must be under 52” to participate. Guests over 52” must be accompanied by a Child in order to participate.
Learn more about Waterin' Hole at the official Cedar Point site!
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