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As soon as you’re strapped in, the floor drops out. Completely. The first floorless coaster at Cedar Point, Rougarou isn’t just a fable of the imagination. Its twists and turns prove its fear-inducing story is larger than life. After the initial shock, this coaster roars to life as your feet dangle in mid-air. Watch your feet as you travel at top speeds being chased through the swamp it has habituated since 2015. The mythic legend climbs a staggering first hill, but this is definitely not the time to catch your breath because this coaster’s nowhere near done yet. It drops you 137 feet at 60 miles per hour before hurling you through a 119-foot vertical loop. Scream all you want; it just makes this predator stronger. It’s no wonder that between the daring drops and dives, riders are left wondering if they’ll ever catch their breath. Its howls will follow you around all day.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Thrill Ride
Minimum Height:54 inches
Maximum Height:78 inches
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Learn more about Rougarou at the official Cedar Point site!
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