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Roto Whip
Beware the crack of the whip! Because while this ride swings you around, it also subjects you to insane amounts of inertia. Brace yourself with both hands on the metal bar while it slides you to the far end of your cart. And, give thanks for the tall walls holding you in. Not just once, or twice, but again and again it will whip you around corners. After all, on Roto Whip you’re at the mercy of three thin wheels and a fast-spinning arm. And, that makes for some serious thrills. First opened in 1970, this ride has spun permanent smiles onto faces for almost 50 years. The colorful cars among all the bright colored umbrellas can be deceiving to the eye, but this ride takes the thrill level and raises the bar. Few other rides in Kiddy Kingdom are this intense, so take on the challenge and get whipped into shape.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Kiddie Ride
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:54 inches
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Additional Info:Hand held infants are not permitted.
Learn more about Roto Whip at the official Cedar Point site!
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