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Lake Erie Eagles
It’s a rare skill to be able to command a wild bird such as the eagle. But now, anyone is capable of taming the ruler of the sky when they fly on Lake Erie Eagles. Riders take fight in one of the unique carriages that spin outward like a swing and then rise above the ground. Once in the air, riders can take matters into their own hands by operating the carriage’s paddle in order to control the eagle’s flight. Swing the way your heart desires, as all eight eagles have a unique route that only the rider can determine. Go for a wild ride at 28 feet in the air, weaving in and out of the clouds, maneuvering your way through the Gemini Midway. Whether you explore the high altitudes, as if soaring through a mountain range, or cruise at a lower elevation, as if chasing down prey, the choice is up to you.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Family Ride
Minimum Height:36 inches
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Additional Info:44" tall to ride alone OR 36" tall and accompanied by a supervising companion.
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