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Cadillac Cars
There's nothing quite like a drive in the park on a beautiful day, especially when you're driving a scaled-down replica of a 1910 Cadillac touring car. The Model Thirty was one of the first of its kind to offer a closed body, but on this leisurely drive you will want the top down. Up to four people can take this track around the wooded land below Raptor and Valravn. You can’t miss the station along the Main Midway giving off the classic amusement park atmosphere. But as soon as you put your foot on the pedal, you’re transported into another time and place. Drive through what it was like back when the word “teenager” wasn’t used, and the fastest speed limit you could find was 15 mph. Today’s teenagers don’t have to worry while on Cadillac Cars because a license isn’t required. Anyone can take the wheel and enjoy a relaxing and scenic quarter-mile ride.
Location:Cedar Point - Cedar Point Amusement Park
Attraction Type:Family Ride
Minimum Height:No Restriction
Maximum Height:No Restriction
Accessibility:Guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicle
Additional Info:48” tall to ride alone OR be accompanied by a Supervising Companion. Hand held infants are not permitted.
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